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Vampira Mailia Nurmi

Vampira Mailia Nurmi



  • Product Information

    Nurmi’s Vampira was a fusion of sensuality and macabre sensibility that had never been presented to the public before. She turned the blonde, rosy voluptuousness of the cheesecake pin-up upside down with jet black hair and a figure both gaunt and pale with the exaggerated curves of an hourglass figure. Her glamour was an eccentric exaggeration of the current fashionable ideal with a touch of kink. She was a macabre Mae West, who took bubble baths in boiling cauldrons, cracked jokes about electric chairs, and drank vampire cocktails (made from formaldehyde, vulture blood, and garnished with a glass eye).

    Material: High Quality Resin

    Measures: 3,74”H- 9,5 CmH , 1/32 Scale

    Edition: Limited & Numbered to 50 Copies