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Polar Explorers: Amundsens Pollar Expedition

Polar Explorers: Amundsens Pollar Expedition



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    Some of the Polar Explorers of our time: Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott, Ernst Shakleton, Robert Peary... who finished the job that other pioneers (Ross, Bering, Cook, Nansen...) had begun centuries ago. The first expedition to reach the geographic South Pole was led by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. He and four others arrived at the pole on 14 December 1911, five weeks ahead of a British party led by Robert Falcon Scott as part of the Terra Nova Expedition. Each miniature is cast in several parts which are then assembled and adjustments are made to achieve the final effect. The next step requires the assembled casting to be primed with a base coat of automotive grey primer paint.

    Bob Hornung uses only Humbrol oil base paint thinned with a strong lacquer thinner to achieve a final finish. Bob Hornung has been producing metal figures since 1984 beginning with dimestore figures.


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