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Dusty The Clown

Dusty The Clown



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    Scott O’Donnell is the Executive Director of Circus World and also known as Dusty the Clown. Once with Ringling Brothers and Big Apple Circus now he makes his home in Baraboo Wisconsin keeping the tradition of Circus alive in all of our hearts. Circus has always has been magical and intriguing for many different reasons: the diversity of its people and their ability to make our dream a reality. In Marco's circus miniatures he distills the very essence of Circus paying attention to the late 19th and early 20th Century shows. So please give us a warm welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth. Come and see the Circus and be amazed. Reference: Dusty The Clown: Scott O’Donnell Custom made for Baraboo Toysoldier Shoppe Sculptor: Marco Navas Material: Resin-54mm -1/32 Edition: Limited to 100 copies Measures: 7,5cm H Type of Case: Color Cover