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Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley



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    An Icon of the Wild West Annie Oakley was born Phoebe Ann Mosey; August 13, 1860, and died November 3, 1926). She was the stuff of legends an American sharpshooter who starred in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Annie developed hunting skills as a child, in order to provide for her family in western Ohio. She took those skills and became so much more. When she was touring she would shoot glass balls out of the air, shoot through playing cards, and shoot cigarettes out of her husband’s mouth. As the headliner of the show, Oakley chose to wear simple, modest clothes instead of flashy costumes, so they wouldn’t detract from her feats as a markswoman. Annie Oakley Sharpshooter Wild West Show pewter figurine 54-60mm Handmade in the USA. The iconic figure of Old West lore, Annie Oakley.